Members and Funding

The German Society for Human Ecology (DGH) is an independent, non-party, non-profit membership corporation. Unbound to any confessional or ideological worldview the society convenes people of all gender and race, from science or other professions who are interested – more theoretical or more practical – in the intersections between humans, environment and society. Around 100 members from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden are engaged in the DGH.


The funding of the society is collected primary by membership fees and donations. Third party research funds and other earmarked grants in accordance to the rules of the society are welcomed. The annual membership fees are: € 120.00 for regular members, € 200.00 for institutions and organisations. The membership includes a subscription of GAIA and the registration fee at annual DGH conference. A reduced membership fee of € 40.00 for students is available upon application; it includes the registration fee but not the subscription of GAIA.

The admission process follows the charter of the society: “Every natural or legal person supporting the agenda laid down in the charter could become a member of the society. A written application for membership is necessary. The executive board of the society decides on the admission.

Since January, 1st 2011, new membership fees are in place:

Regural Annual Fee incl. GAIA Abonnement € 120.00
Special Annual Fee excl. GAIA Abonnement (available only on express request) € 70.00
Annual Fee for students without GAIA (available only on request) € 40.00
Annual Fee fro Institutions (incl. GAIA Abonnement) from € 200.00
Sponsorship excl. GAIA Abonnement (no vote) from € 40.00

The increased fee for the member subscription for the volumes of the Edition Humanökologie is € 25.00 per volume and copy.