The German Society for Human Ecology e.V. (DGH)


The German Society for Human Ecology (DGH) was founded on June, 28th 1975 on castle Reisensburg nearby Guenzburg in the Danube-Valley. In early years the society was focused on sociomedical issues until topics were extended in other fields of policy and science. Today the Society provides a forum of experts from all sectors of environmental and related sciences to learn from and to discuss to each other: professors and administrators, physicians and engineers, students and pensionaries. Since 1989 the Society holds their annual scientific conference with interdisciplinary topics in the small medieval winery town Sommerhausen in the valley of Main nearby Wuerzburg.


Human Ecology is a new scientific discipline. The focus of research is the cause-effect relationship and the interaction between society, man and environment. The core lies in a holistic perspective which includes the physical, cultural, economic and political aspects. The term Human Ecology goes back to the Chicago School of Sociology at 1920. Since then it has spread as and special concept of research in science, humanities and all fields of planning as well as in medical science. Some countries have established regular chairs at their universities.

According to her rules the German Society for Human Ecology supports and promotes science, research and education in the realm of Human Ecology. The society encourages the publishing and distribution of their knowledge. To do this the Society:

  • organizes academic conferences regular with the annual meeting of the Society;
  • realizes research projects backed by the whole Society or special working committees;
  • offers extension studies for administrators, teachers, lecturers and students together with academic conferences, special events e.g. international summer schools


The scientific outcomes and results are published in proceedings, monographs and in scientific or professional journals